Telegram X for Android : STABLE

🆕What's New : 17 Dec'18


• Share media, public posts and messages to other apps
• Share from media viewer works for all kinds of media: profile / chat photos, link preview media, etc. both internally and externally.
• Share multiple medias externally
• Share Contact in profiles
• Improved sticker set sharing
• Improved proxy sharing
• Improved sharing multiple media from other apps to Telegram X
• Copy link button when sharing public media from shared media
• Animation when externally sharing not yet downloaded files


• Added theme colors: lightStatusBar, statusBarContent, statusBarLegacy, statusBarLegacyContent, headerTabActive, headerTabActiveText, headerTabInactive, sectionedScrollBar, sectionedScrollBarActive, sectionedScrollBarActiveContent, headerPickerBackground, headerPickerText, chatSeparator, bubble_chatSeparator, shareSeparator

• If you have previously installed some theme with overridden headerText color, it be copied to headerTabActiveText, headerTabActive (with 90% alpha), headerTabInactive (80% alpha), so you will have proper color of tabs on the main screen after the update


• Supported more media types in link previews
• Save to Gallery / Music / Downloads + Clear from Cache for media in link previews
• Single-tap message saving on sharing screen
• Saved Messages chat will now always be found by "Saved Messages" query like in macOS client, regardless currently active language
• Report messages through media viewer
• Child Abuse report reason
• When forwarding albums with "Send as Copy" enabled, they will be properly preserved
• Copy Link for messages and media now works offline
• Improved network detection when resuming application
• Improved resuming application when some chat was open
• Removed unused permissions


• Stopwatch button color in secret chats
• Sharing ignores "disable notifications" setting when forwarding to channels
• Incorrect subtitle color after opening search on sharing screen
• Sharing from other apps to Telegram X ignores channel silent broadcast setting
• Sharing photo previously shared to TGX isn't properly recognized by some apps
• Incorrect link preview layout, when one of the header fields is empty
• Header shadow disappears after using search on share and some other screens
• Sharing theme files to Telegram X does not work properly
• Missing header shadow on group/channel management screen

◀️ Previous Stable Version : v0.21.3.1022

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