Android : Version 5.1.0
iOS : Version 5.1.1
Desktop : Version 1.5.3

🆕 What's New: 22 DEC 2018

Polls: Bringing Choice to Communities

Polls : Create Polls without any bots in Groups & Channels.

👉🏻 Android v5.1.0
• Online members count no more limited to 200 users group
• Bug Fixes and Improvements

👉🏻 iOS v5.1.1
• Clearing cache in Settings > Data and Storage >
Storage Usage now correctly reduces the space
taken by the app.
• Files and media will keep downloading for a
while after you close the app.
• Detailed progress is shown when downloading
and uploading files.
• Contacts are now sorted correctly and scrolling
by letters is back.
• Online indicators for people in search results.
• Web Search option to find images when sending Photo & Video attachments or choosing profile pictures.
• Dozens of minor fixes and improvements.

👉🏻 Desktop v1.5.3
• Create polls in groups and channels - right from the chat menu.
• Minor Bug Fixes

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